To september turns the musical ‘Dirty Dancing’ back to Denmark. While on the island, are a number of new faces compared to the first time, it ran on the Danish scenes, so there are also a few repeats.

One of them is James Sampson, who struck through, as in 2001 he won the tv program, ‘Star for a night’, while he later also participated in the ‘dancing with the stars’ and the Melody Grand Prix.

In the course of 2020, a 49-year-old James Sampson also experienced in the ‘dancing with the stars’-the musical, but when he did not stand on the boards, he spends his time at the school.

The past year, he has namely read to the educator, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

– I’m a year inside the training, so I have just a little time back. Maybe I get to skip something over, because I have so much experience. So we will see if I can get any credit for any of it, he says, and continues:

I have worked many years as an educator and pædagogmedhjælper, but I’m not younger. So I thought that it could be fine to get an education, before I get too old, he laughs.

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so far, he’s happy for the studio, though it has not always been easy to be a part of older a their fellow students.

– It was a little challenging to start school as a 48-year-old. When we started, there was one that was older than me, but she did not know. So the long and short of it is that I is interim, but there is no one, who knows how old I am. When I say that I’m 49, so they do not believe in me.

What the future brings, he knows not yet completely, but he dreams of using education to read on.

– I would really like to continue with music and musicals, but I must of course use my training for something. I would like to read on to familieterapeut, but we shall see how it all goes, he says.

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‘Dirty Dancing’-the team for the upcoming game in Denmark together with Eleanor Bergstein, who created the film. Photo: Linda Johansen

James Sampson is looking forward to, that he should again take the stage as part of the ‘Dirty Dancing’team.

– I think it will be just as exciting as the last time – if not more exciting. It was a great success last time, and it was great to be with, says James Sampson, who is a big fan of the film.

The great success is, however, not something that causes him to feel the pressure before the premiere at the new place.

– No, it sounds cash response from the singer, which further elaborates:

– I think not. You could say that things come and go, and the success depends on the audience and what they seem. Of course, we must also do our best to make sure that it again becomes a success, and we want them all.

‘Dirty Dancing’ will premiere in the Scandic Falconer the 10. september 2020. In addition to James Sampson, the public can also get a reunion with Mathilde Norholt, Silas Holst and Karina Frimodt, while there are also a number of new faces with.

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