MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): No, Hungary does not have its former strength, lacking a few profiles and the: Which is cleaned vigorously out of a team, not impressed despite the victory over Russia.

But… two years ago lost to Denmark in the match two 27-28 for the Czech republic, which was touted as EM’s worst teams!

It was Nikolaj Jacobsen’s first finals, and he remembers it very well. The defeat is now not the reason why he sits and rubs his tired eyes at the dommerbordet before Sunday’s workout.

– Against the Czech republic we were outright bad. That we came not with it we would. The match against Iceland was on a whole other level. There came in all the man with it, they have. It was an excellent handball match – unfortunately we lost with a goal, says fynboen.

– I expect the same option in the morning. That the players make just as much effort as they did against Iceland, and then we shall see what is on the board afterwards. If you give 100 percent, you can’t ask for more.

Nikolaj Jacobsen rubs eyes, before Sunday’s workout in the Malmö Arena. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Niklas Landin, who came late into the squad – and early out of the fight (!) – do not believe the defeat to Iceland, hit the self-esteem.

– No, I think not, I sense. But now we have, of course, the knife on the throat and must win the last two matches for the at all to go on.

How good are Hungary?

– I see all three teams as roughly equal in power, and it may well be, Hungary is missing a couple of players, but then usually there often be a few unfamiliar faces, which enter into character.

Was the red card in the order?

– Yes, I shred him, and on the way is it okay. I have seen a single clip on tv, and I even doubt whether I’m hitting him. But I can well remember that he slices me on the hip. The judges may be pretty sure that they can see it, and then it’s fair enough.

did you Know with a same, that something was wrong?

– No, I hoped, of course, they would evaluate anything else. But the risk was there after all. It is the keeper, be careful, and I think I did. Otherwise he had turned himself!

Jannick Green and Nilas Landin was clocked for five official saves in the match against Iceland. Photo: Lars Poulsen

How have you dealt with the defeat to Iceland?

– of course, We have looked at what we did good and bad. But so much time is not, and we must not dig ourselves down just because we have one offday. Now we know that if we turn to Hungary, we come back on the track. It’s only about a focus on Hungary.

What should you do differently?

– When we have the chance to draw significantly from the three objectives and to ensure control of the fight, we must do it and not make unnecessary mistakes as we did against Iceland.

Niklas Landin reveals that he had violent pains in the beginning of the stomach upset, which at one time created nervousness for appendectomy.

– Yes, I had a few days ago. I had a bad feeling in the stomach, and that was really it. It’s going fine. There is no setback. I got an irritated bowel, and then is of course be careful.

it Came from the diet?

– I think I’ve got some kind of infection around the bowel, and so I think really just, it is a little sore after a small place with the stomach. I could not notice it during the fight. Taking well always its precautions, and the doctor felt it would be best if I took it a bit easy and not pushing it.

you will Get hurt in your stomach when you think of the match against Hungary?

– Haha. No, not as such. Now it is about to come on, and you also know as an athlete that a bad experience can be turned into a good experience, and so it’s a good thing, we should not have to wait a week to play against Hungary – but the fight is coming so relatively soon after.

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