As the now killed Usmann Khan began to poke random people down with knives at the London Bridge at the end of this year in november, he was ambushed by several civilians, among other things, attacks him with a fire extinguisher and a tooth from a narwhal.

the Man with a narwhal-tooth, Darryn Frost, now stands up and tells how he himself experienced the dramatic events at the London Bridge and how he ended up with to attack knivstikkeren with the outlandish weapons

It writes several English media.

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Darryn Frost is born in south Africa, but have lived in England for 14 years. Photo: PA Press Association

Darryn Frost, who is employed in the ministry of justice, were on the 1-floor of the building Fishmonger’s Hall, where he participated in an event on the social reintegration of prisoners, as when he heard the commotion downstairs.

It was on the ground floor at Fishmonger’s Hall, which is located right next to London Bridge, to Usmann Khan began his murderous attack, in which 23-year-old Saskia Jones and 25-year-old Jack Merrit lost his life while three others were injured.

– A few of us hurried downstairs. I took a narwhal-tooth, which hung on the wall, and used it to defend myself and others against the attacker.

– A second man kept the knife-the man at bay with a wooden chair. I ran down the stairs, asked me by the side of the man with the chair, and then confronted him together, ” says Darryn Frost.

in Addition to the knives, Usmann Khan had in his hands, he had also donned a bombebælte, which, however, subsequently proved to be a dummy.

– He had a knife in both hands, and when he saw me with a narwhal-tooth, pointed the way on his diaphragm.

He turned and began to speak to me, while he indicated that he had the bomb on life. So threw the man beside me, his chair against him, after which the perpetrator attacked him with knives raised over his head.

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Warning: Violent images. How it looked in the seconds up to the fact that a man was shot on the London Bridge. Video: PA Media

Derryn Frost then gave a narwhal-tooth to another man, who stood by him, after which he ran up the stairs to retrieve more, which is also hung on the wall in the Fishmonger’s Hall.

When he came back, he found the first whale tooth lying destroyed on the floor, while people fled out of the building.

– Along with a group of other chased I the attacker on the bridge with a narwhal-tooth in his hand. We shouted to warn others in the vicinity and after a brief struggle, we managed to pacify him on the ground.

I tried to isolate the knivbladene by holding on to his wrist, so he could not do harm to others, or trigger his bomb-vest, says Darryn Frost.

After the attack was the civilians who struggled to overpower the offender, hailed from different sides.

the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wrote among other things in a column in The Guardian;

‘I will never forget the clip where you see three people attack an armed murderous angrebsmand with a narwhal-tooth, a fire extinguisher and their bare hands. They and the police officers who came to and helped them, are in truth the best of us.’

Prime minister Boris Johnson praised also the heroic passers-by.

– For me they represent the very best of our country, and I thank them on behalf of the entire nation, he said among other things after the attack.

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