It is lean times in storklubben Atlético Madrid, who find it difficult to keep up with the Spanish mesterskabskamp and now must also say goodbye to the cup.

Highest surprisingly lost Atlético 1-2 at stamford bridge to Leonesa, who daily plays in the Segunda Division B on the third level in the Spanish league system.

Sergio Benito arranged for chokresultatet with seven minutes over the extended duration.

Atlético was caught in a kontrastød, and defense was in disarray, as a soft post from the left side was allowed to sail all the way across the field to Benito, who hammered the ball flat in the goal.

It was otherwise storfavoritterne, who had taken the 1-0 lead, after a little more than an hour of play.

Angel Correa was suddenly free on the edge of the field and sent the ball consistently in the network.

The former so forsvarsstærke Atlético team looks like, however, not themselves at the moment. In Saturday’s lost to Diego Simeones troops to nedrykningstruede Eibar, and also not against Leonesa, one could keep the target clean.

Seven minutes before the time created a high ball panic in the Atléticos field, and after a few coincidences could be Christmas Castaneda send the match in overtime with a blast of a helflugter.

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