It all started so well for the E-sportsdrengene from Astralis Group. With an exceptionally high børsintroduktionsværdi of 500 million crowns tromlede the check as a big on minibørsen First North, and on the back of the support of particularly young investors.

the Stock was from the start oversubscribed and was at the initial public offering on the whole was 9.5 cents, and that accounted for the big firework display.

But the champagne corks were maybe allowed to remain in the bottles on Friday. Børsugens last afternoon was relentless by the new company, which had lost 90 million dollars before closing at 17 on a long Friday.

the stock Price fell with a half crown to 7.4, and it resulted in big losses for the Astralis Group’s shareholders. Ago it is not has gone much better, and Wednesday morning the week after has Astralis-the share taken just as large a hovedspring down. A stock of Astralis Group stood Wednesday before the dinner to a value of 5.9 crowns and had lost approx. one-third of its value at well over eight trading days. In the afternoon jumped the dog up again and stood for some fluctuations of 6.6 Wednesday at firetiden.

It looked like a triumphal from the start with very high interest, and the ipo surpassed even Astralis Group’s own expectations in the prospectus.

But however, it took only ten minutes on the first day, before they were beaten back from the exchange rate of 9.5 to the starting point in the prospectus at just 8,95. The share has remained stable in the periods, but has also taken a significant dive down without getting so much up again. In spite of the new agreements is the country for the keys of the Danish gaminghåb.

Among other things you have written below with the football club Juventus and will be responsible for the operation of the norditalienernes e-sports team.

Astrali Group will not comment on the exchange rate, but the adm. director, Nikolaj Nyholm, shall be liable to the massive publicity, the big new agreements and shareholders. He therefore sees no reason to be anything other than positive.

– We do not comment the exchange rate, but it is clear that the price movement has attracted attention. As we have stated from the start, we are working long-term to meet some clear objectives, and it is not changed. We can observe that a great many new shareholders have come to, both in Denmark and abroad, also since we were listed with small to 7,000 new shareholders. It is something we hoped would happen.

– We have since the listing published in our cooperation agreement with Juventus on the operation of their e-sports team, and we have entered into BLAST Premier, which is a new global format in Counter-Strike, which ultimately becomes a benefit for both the teams, players, fans, broadcasters and our sponsors. It is actions that support our business and long-term goals, so on the way, it has been a few good weeks for us.

Prior to the ipo had the Extra Leaf back in november of fat in a market analysts to hear what you must, as a possible investor should be aware of before you plunge into a e-sportsaktieeventyr.

And you should be prepared for an investment marked by the additional unpredictability, the independence of the rest of the stock market and at the same time, reliance on the team’s sporting results.

– You can say that it is an investment with heart more than with the brain. You must be aware that in order to have a high probability to earn money, then you have to know what is going on in the impreza, for the share moves not only along with the rest of the market, assessing aktieanalysechef in Sydbank, Jacob Pedersen to Ekstra Bladet.

at the same time, would he even with customers, for whom CS:GO is the passion of them all, the urge for a bit of concern.

– this way is my commandment, that it will be like with other sportsaktier. The success hangs very much together with the purchase of the right players, wins and prize money, and what else may play a role. So keep in mind the spread and rescue. You should probably make sure that it is not the whole pension, you throw into the company, says Jacob Pedersen.

In the management Astralis Group, as you know, scored a significant hire on the ipo. In the top is executive directors Anders Hørsholt and Nikolaj Nyholm, respectively, 1.9 million and 1.8 million per year and a little further down is the former many year-old goalkeeper on håndboldlandsholdet Kasper White, if the gage is located on 1.2 million annually, showed that of the prospectus.

Kasper White exults over one of the many fantomredninger on the road to european championship gold in 2008. Similar scenes have been played out by Astralis’ ipo is not known. Photo: Lars Poulsen

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