There is a problem in professional Counter-Strike, if you ask the players.

the Rifle the SSG 553 – also known as ’The View’ – was barely a month ago put down in price, so the in the game now only costs 2750 dollars.

This has meant that the rifle has been the weapon of choice of most professional players. Especially because it was already so deadly, but now also significantly cheaper.

the Rifle has an adjustable sight, which makes that it is good on long distances.

the Problem is now simply that the rifle has been too good for many people’s taste.

And it annoys Peter ’Dupreeh’ Rasmussen, who currently plays for the Danish team Astralis. Several players around the world have also tried to rebuke it, as the Kriegen has changed the way to play Counter-Strike on.

– I think that it is the most ’overpowered’ rifle in Counter-Strike’s history, and it is a shame for the game. Kriegen is too powerful, especially when it comes to precision, where many believe that it is too easy to learn to control.

– There are two things in it. When a Counter-Terrorist get a Krieg in your hand, so he will now be able to take the duels, which he could not before with an AK-47 or M4. Therefore, one can just sit and keep an angle, while you can duel against AWP players, says ’Dupreeh’ to

the Solution is not, however, necessarily straightforward, says the dane.

Spilfirmaet Valve owns Counter-Strike, has before been inside and adjust in the individual weapon settings, so the big difference will be evened out. The way

– It’s all about adjusting the gun in the right way. It must fire fewer shots? Must sigtekortnet be adjusted? It is hard to say. The price must obviously be set up, but that should not change so much, to Kriegen no longer be used, says ’Dupreeh’.

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