Inter hope to be able to present Christian Eriksen, before the week is over.

The Italian team sent Wednesday sports director Piero Ausilio to London on a lynmission to meet with agents.

Inter are trying to retrieve both Christian Eriksen in Tottenham and Olivier Giroud in Chelsea, and the purpose of the Ausilios trip to the English capital was, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, to talk with the agents who are involved in the trades.

According to the reputable Italian sportsavis has not yet been a formal meeting between Inter and Tottenham, but yet, indirectly, negotiated between the two clubs on the agentplan.

Ausilio would have met Christian eriksen’s agent, Dutch Martin Schoots, in the English capital.

Christian Eriksen came on Wednesday allegedly a major step closer to Inter.

Milan-the club has over the agents indicated that they are ready to raise the bid and pay 15 million. the euro (eur 112 million. kr.) plus miscellaneous præstationsbetingede bonuses to get Eriksen in the here and now.

It is a critical feature and should have been perceived as ’more than interesting’ in the Tottenham camp.

the Spurs boss Daniel Levy is known as a notoriously tough dealer who does not sell with discount. He should have put a price tag of 20 million. the euro (eur 150 million. kr.) on the back of the 27-year-old Danish landsholdsstjerne.

Levy is likely to come with a counter bid, but the London club was, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport information will probably be ready to accept to get 17 million. euro 127 million. kr. – for Eriksen.

the Inter-coach Antonio Conte hopes that he will soon have Christian Eriksen. Photo: Miguel Medina/Ritzau Scanpix
in this context It is remarkable, that separates the two parties, and therefore, there is optimism at Inter.

It is probably only a matter of time, before Inter completely formally addressed to Tottenham, to complete the trade, as the agents right now are working to get to glide smoothly through.

Christian eriksen’s contract with Tottenham expires after this season, and the club should therefore sell him in this transfervindue, if they want to earn just a little on him.

Already in the last week would Christian Eriksen be used to Inters offer. Fynboen is going to earn € 7.5 million. the euro (eur 56 million. kr.) per year after tax. In addition, must be added the usual bonuses.

the Contract runs until the summer of 2024, and that was, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport be an option on a season further.

Inter had hoped to be able to keep Piero Ausilios trip to London a secret, as Tottenham and Chelsea love discretion.

But Inters singer was spotted by fans at the airport, and Sky Sport Italia, was ready with a camera when he late on Wednesday landed in Milan.

– currently, there is nothing new about the negotiations, but we can do something vital to improve the team, we will make it, said Piero Ausilio to the tv station.

Tottenham hired Wednesday Gedson Fernandes of Benfica and is thus already well underway to set up a time after Christian Eriksen.

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