Now it’s soon christmas and I love christmas!

If christmas had been hot with a lot of sunshine, it had clearly been my yndlingsårstid. Unfortunately it is always so skidekoldt.

In the year we gather with my sister and eat a lot of delicious food, dance around the christmas tree and open a lot of gifts. It is seriously the best there is.
My daughter of eight years asked what I’m looking forward most to. For me it is really to be with my children and family and then the food. I love the food. the

To you, so now think: ‘Not, she can’t keep christmas because she is islamically married,’ I can say that yes, we keep christmas, and my husband does also.

My children need to not be missing christmas traditions, just because my husband is a muslim. Luckily I have a man who will not take anything from me or my children.

This christmas, I will of course also get in on the debate about the Tinka-caps.

What happens to the parents, who will do anything for their children to get the hue? If they can’t get it, yes, then complain the on the web. What the hell is it a way to behave towards our children?

My daughter has a hue map, but we can’t get a hue down here. It is my daughter completely on.

I have, fortunately, brought up her well. If you like, In doing well as parents, know that your children are watching how you behave you because of a hue, so should probably think of you again. the

Put it right in perspective
so many sick things around the world, but we must concentrate on a fucking hat, you can make yourself.

That you choose to go so much up in it, is entirely up to you, but I am so glad that I have a daughter who thinks ‘so what’.

It would be your children probably also do, if not to blow it how to up.

There are also parents who are now choosing to sell the Tinka-map. The I do not understand – why not just give them to a family who is missing?

When are we the people become so greedy? The map have you actually gotten for free with when you acted.

Your products were not more expensive to say yes please to the map. I do not think that you took down in order to act only for the sake.

I think, that you are in fact missing it, you should buy. I hope people are thinking before they start on these things. And remember as always: Monkey see, monkey do. Your children watch what you do, and they will always do the same. the

Well, now I have scrappy enough for me, and it should not be inferred from such when it’s christmas.

I would like to wish all of you a very merry christmas and a happy new year, and remember to enjoy it. If you want to do something extra nice at christmas, so think of other than themselves.