the UNITED states is preparing various responses to North korea’s possible “christmas present”.

It informs general Charles Q. Brown, commander of Pacific Air Forces under the us air force, according to several media.

North korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has announced that if the americans come north Korea in the meeting before the end of the year – for example by facilitating the economic sanctions – he will give a so-called “christmas gift”.

It is interpreted by most as a thinly veiled threat.

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General Charles Q. Brown believes that “gift” can be a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

he says to the american media’s Defense One:

– It is, as I expect, is that the gift becomes one or another form of long-range ballistic missile. The question is whether the coming christmas eve? Comes the christmas day? Or will it come after the new year?

in recent weeks, north Korea claimed to have completed multiple, not specified tests from the Sohae facility, which previously has been used to satellitopsendelser.

at the same time, there seems to be screwed up for the tensions between the two countries, and the UNITED states’special envoy has called North korea’s rhetoric “enemy”.

General Brown believe an ICBM test is imminent.

– You can listen to the rhetoric, and at the same time, different test over the past week or two all indications that there is activity, he says, according to Defense One.

He said, however, that another possibility could be that north Korea announces that the country’s stop to the ICBM test is over – however, without that something is happening with the same.

the Last time north Korea fired a long-range missile that potentially could hit the u.s. mainland, was, according to the AFP news agency in november 2017.

Political observers have also noted that Kim Jong-un twice in a few months on horseback, visited the holy mountain of Mount Paektu. The mountain has a strong symbolic meaning, and in the past have horse riding tour to the mountain top passed prior to the major policy decisions.

After the talks with the u.s. government announced Kim Jong-un that the country would no longer test long-range missiles, which president Donald Trump was interpreted as a clear american victory.

Since a meeting between Trump and Kim earlier in the year in Hanoi, Vietnam seems the relationship between the two countries to be in the locked position.

Donald Trump has previously laid its meetings with the north Korean leader as a real triumph. Even if the meetings have not led to the desired result: A real and effective disarmament.

If north Korea in the near future really fires the missile, it will at the same time the importance of the shooting down of the political feather in the hat, like Donald Trump have been able to wear.