Imagine you to be alone on the Atlantic ocean in a rowboat, when suddenly out of the blue comes a snigerbølge, which throws you over the table and roll your boat around.

What sounds like a nightmare for many, was precisely what Thursday did for austrian Gabi Schenkel, like right now participating in the solo-class in what is probably the world’s toughest rokonkurrence, The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Schenkel was approximately 1000 nautical miles from the Canary islands and 1600 nautical miles from the endedestinationen Antigua, when the accident occurred.

– I’m ok, but shaken and wet. Fortunately, I was strapped, and was quickly back on board. I’m back to full strength in the morning, the Gabi Schenkel, who in the boat The Swiss 1s are on the fifth place in the solokategorien and on a total of 33. space.

Last year’s Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge had the participation of the danes Mads Vangsø and Lasse Wullf Hansen. They ended as winners among the few boats, which Ekstra Bladet covered with daily updates.

During this year the participation of the boat Row for Veterans, as at the time of writing is number three among the quadruple-boats, and on an overall fifth place finish.