Thomas Culture has a hard time keeping my mouth shut, and this was how it was when 26-year-old John Obhasa P. Clausen had scored its three sure-fire yes’is in ’X Factor’ Friday evening.

– We should probably restrict the set design and choreography, so you don’t rush out of the stage in the first live show, it sounded cheerfully from the Culture.

John is so weak-sighted that he near was overthrown, because he missed a step, then he should give the judges hand before his audition. Extra Magazine tells John now, how wrong it actually is with the eyes of one of the best bets on an upcoming live show-runner.

I am totally blind in the right eye and the left eye, I have approximately five per cent vision, which is the subject of a contact lens on plus 22. So I have five percent to do with, and clean synsmæssigt it corresponds to looking in the wrong end of a telescope, he explains, and adds on the Quality of the cheerful comment:

– It is fun, I think, for what else do you think? They didn’t know that when I have stood on a stage, so I know it like my own pocket and can walk around on it with closed eyes. That I am not outraged. So plysset I’m not, he laughs.

the Sight is lagging, but it takes John in stride. There are many who have it worse than me, he says. Photo: TV2

the eye disease called nystagmus, and even if it is weak eyesight probably for many would mean a state of sadness, so the circumstances are not something that bothers the participant, who can look forward to cooperate with Nanna ’Oh Land’ Fabricius in the category of soloists on the 23 and up.

– It is easy enough to live with, and I am not kicked of as yet, well. There are some small life hacks that you can use the camera in the cell phone, if you need to see price and expiration date when you shop. And otherwise I’m not pale to ask people for help if there is something I can’t find, he says, and adds:

– however, I can like even to walk around and look and get familiar with where I can find the goods.

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John says that he has always been blind in the right eye and weak-sighted on the left, which was made worse after an operation, he is 17 years old and got cataracts. He is not surprised that it went so well in front of the judges. He started to the choir as a five-year, and was finished at the music academy in 2017.

– I will not sound arrogant, but I know that I’m good and I know what I’m doing, for I have my professional approach to it. I know how to work through a number and go completely in depth with it. I came not just to fool, as so many others, I got to go on, he says.

John was finished at the music academy in 2017. Photo: TV2

It is a bad sight is not the only point on which John stands out. He has synesthesia, and it affects how he experiences the music.

– It means that I associate tones with colors. If you play chords with more notes, so get the tone you hear, first colors. This is what is going on inside of me, it is like a painter with a palette, he says.

– It is the experience of tones and moods. You are not in doubt as to what the yellow color means, and that the blue is associated with balance and calmness. It is purely tonal.

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the Next stop for the 26-year-old singer and songwriter is ’Five chair challenge’. He hopes that participation in the program may be to raise the profile of him and his music.

– Since I was finished at the academy, it has been difficult to get to work, so I hope it can raise awareness of what I can. My dream is to open a sangskole, he says.