In 2005, there were very few danes, who had not heard about David Owe or seen him on their tv screen – for example, in the tv series ‘the Eagle’ on DR.

Suddenly disappeared, however, he from the screen for a longer period, and only in 2018, he turned back and was current in its first Danish tv-series in ten years.

Now 42-year-old David Owe soon as the current in a new tv series again. However, in our neighbouring country Germany.

he told, en Ekstra Bladet met him on the red carpet for the musical ‘Mamma Mia’ in the Tivoli Koncersal on Wednesday evening.

– I’m going in and doing a series called ‘the Void’, which means abyss, where I play a very bad boy. It believe you in any case. It is six paragraphs, and it will be sent on the channel RTL, he said with a grin, as he troppede up on the red carpet along with his wife, Marie Askehave.

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– I shall be down there in three months. I’m off early in the morning, and then I come home Saturday, and then I take off again next week, so that is how on/off the next time. It is a reasonably big production, and it takes 52 optagedage to make it, so even though I am not a starring role, but a secondary character who is in the all section, so is there enough to see to, and I get to be a part away from the family.

– It is good to miss, said Marie Askehave, when she was asked whether she was going to miss her husband when he’s going to be very from home the next time.

Actor David Owe and his wife, the actress Marie Askehave, on the red carpet for ‘Mamma Mia’. Photo: Klaus Bo

the Job in Germany has meant that David Owe has had to go into sharp training and practice on his German.

– It is I good to the. I’m floating, but they can hear my accent. It was not a dane, they had to use, but they chose me because I was so dazzling, not, he says with a laugh and continues:

– But in Germany they are a bit indifferent with my accent. I think I have made five-six shows down there, and they don’t care if I have a little accent, for they have many different dialects down there. But I have practiced so much to me, so it sounds much better than in the past, and than when I was in high school, noted he.

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