Sebastian has sold two million records according to his record label. In 2019, he sold the dog rather than two hundred.

the Songwriter, who turns 70 on Thursday, is one of many major Danish names, which had huge problems on the album list of the past year.

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Sebastian’s 329. (approximately) release, ‘She reached to pat the dog’, kept only a single week at top 40. Veteranens two new compilations, ‘The greatest songs’ and ‘The very best of children’s songs’, is not entered on the list.

It didn’t go much better for mickey baker&. The band’s ‘Robot ’n’ Roll’ dumped in as number 13 and was already out of the top 40 the week after. This is what you call tiresome from Skjern to Aarhus.

L. O. C. also had the immensely hard to live up to its former success. Comebackpladen ‘Ekkokammer’ was in the top 40 three weeks. ‘Libertine’ from 2011 spent almost a year on the list.

volbeat’in new could not catch up with their predecessors. ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound’ spending originally only nine weeks in the top 40, but after the quartet’s sold-out arenakoncerter in Herning and Copenhagen are the album back in the list’s bottom. Seal the Deal & let’s Boogie’ from 2016, with all 143 weeks on the music business barometer for popularity.

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Oh Country as well as the restored Gangway, and Alphabeat may also earn a rent on the road. Their latest disc held just one single week in the top 40.

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The Sandmens ‘Himmelstormer’ stormed not exactly charten. The rock band hit quite the past.

Several of the old, foreign meganavne gad, the danes also do not listen to. Springsteen ‘Western Stars’ were absent from the album list after three weeks, while Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ did Sebastian art – it was just for a week.

Alphabeat sold nearly at K. B. Hallen, but the scottish parliament didn’t sell many of the ‘Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore’.