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Realitydeltagere from all over the country are gathered today on the Dock in Copenhagen, where the Reality Awards 2020 takes place.

Here will be awarded to the most significant realitypersonligheder, when the mad party takes place.

In the course of the evening will be in the extent where the gas in the bar. It tells Kit Nielsen, who are behind the whole event.

– drunk absolutely bloody stupid much, says the woman behind the crazy awards.

Event & Culture – 10. jan. 2020 – pm. 17:06 Madness: What you can expect from the Reality Awards

even Though the Kit didn’t think it could happen, so run the dry of alcohol for last year’s Reality Awards. And it must not happen again this year.She says she has been told that 70 bottles is plenty for the 350 people who attend.

– And we have at least double that. I think we have 150 bottles of booze, 60 bottles of shots, 60 bottles of champagne and 400 beers, ” she says, and continues:

– They teach us last year, so there are 100 bottles more this year. If I run out, then I’m really sorry.

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