What did the Russian tsar Peter the Great, Britain and Ireland king Edward the Seventh, the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the composer Frédéric Chopin and the actors Gerard Depardieu, John Travolta and Robert de Niro have in common? They have all visited the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary and Karlovy vary’s famous hotel Grandhotel Pupp.

Kings, emperors, Russian tsars, famous composers, writers, filmmakers and actors throughout history have come to Karlovy Vary in a smooth flow, which has not been less powerful in our days.

Karlovy Vary is an experience of the rare and one of the most exciting spa towns in the world.

the City is known for its healing springs, kurbehandling and in recent years also for its film festival, which every year visited by prominent guests. It is a city where the historic past and grandeur can be felt everywhere, and while they have managed to adapt to our time requirements.

the Karlovy Vary is a popular city, so the price is slightly higher than in other Czech cities.

most hotels have, however, often special package containing both the accommodation, treatment and evs. half – board or full board. Check the hotels for special offers, especially if you want a longer stay and treatment.

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dating back to the 1400s, where the first heating sources according to a legend, discovered during a hunt, and where the first kurstedfaciliteter was founded shortly after.

Karlovy vary’s development has gone forward ever since – it witnesses the city’s many beautiful and aristocratic buildings and kolonnader on. Most of them are built by the best european architects, probably only with the exception of The communist period after the Second world War and up to 1989, where Karlovy Vary, in common with other Czech cities, was not spared for the advanced socialist construction.

In Karlovy Vary, it has, among other things, resulted in a colonnade at Karlovy vary’s most famous source Vridlo and in the very prominent hotel Thermal in the middle of the city. Both are built in the so-called brutalisme-style, but however with the passage of time on good and evil become a part of Karlovy vary’s cityscape.

the City has about 81 different heating sources, which are formed in a depth of 2000 to 2500 metres: All sources can contain up to 40 different minerals and other substances.

The main source, the 73 degrees of heat Vridlo, sprays up to 12 meters height in the middle of the city, where many of the visitors to the city congregate to taste the Vridlos distinctive flavor.

in Addition to the Vridlo are 14 other sources freely available in the city. The sources are a must for visitors to the city, which is equipped with a special drinking cups are wandering from place to place to taste the sources.

Stroll along the river Tepla in Karlovy Varys centre, the city’s beautiful surroundings, 14 sources and the city’s many restaurants is an experience of the rare. Photo: Ota Tiefenböck

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all is far from well. Some smells of rotten eggs, others have a strong taste of iron. Their high temperature makes them not even more tasty. Common to all sources is, however, that they contain minerals that the human body needs and that supposedly have a beneficial effect on the particular liver and intestinal diseases.

Kildevandet being used to drikkekure and, not least, different treatments such as baths and indsvøb. These take place in four of Karlovy vary’s old kurhuse and at most major hotels, which have their own treatment facilities.

Karlovy vary’s long-standing traditions of kurbehandling means that the treatments are put in a thorough system. Whether you are on a short visit and most are interested in a few treatments or you have come on a long stay, where the treatment includes medical supervision and an individually prepared treatment program.

Karlovy Vary is, however, far from only heat sources, treatment and kurbystemning. It is also regular concerts and culture in general, as well as a huge selection of restaurants, which, because of the international clientele serving food from around the world.

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Sleep like a king

A visit to Karlovy vary’s 5-star Grandhotel Pupp is a must during your stay in the city. If you choose to stay in a different place, please visit the hotel’s café, known for its delicious coffee and kageudvalget, if the price even far below the Danish prices. Photo: Ota Tiefenböck

the Five-star Grandhotel Pupp is in Karlovy vary’s best hotel, whose history goes back to 1701.

The current appearance is from 1892. Under Czechoslovakia’s communist past, it was called briefly Grandhotel Moscow, but was immediately after the political changes in 1989, its original name back.

Many of Karlovy vary’s fine guests, including Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoleon Bonaparte, Karl Marx and Antonio Banderas have during your stay in Karlovy Vary and stayed at the Grandhotel Pupp.

The Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen plays the villain Le Chiffre in the James Bond film Casino Royale, which was recorded at the Karlovy vary’s legendary Grandhotel Pupp. Photo: PR

disposing of a sea of hotels, but a stay at this beautiful and aristocratic hotel is an experience in itself, and nights can even be acquired at prices far below the level of similar western european hotels.

Prices begin on the hotel’s website at 130 euro per. double room, but can periodically be bought all the way down to 70 euro.

The most expensive rooms cost 1400 euro. Several well-known films, including the James Bond film ’Casino Royale’, ’Last Holiday’ with Gerard Depardieu and ’Ring’ with Natasja’s script was written by, recorded at the hotel.

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the Karlovy vary’s 13. source

Photo: PR

the Czech republic’s famous liqueur, Becherovka from 1807, derived from Karlovy Vary, are often called the 13, source. The liqueur consists of a secret composition of 20 different herbs, which are known only to the two of the company’s senior persons.

Becherovka can be drunk as an aperitif, liqueur and is used for the manufacture of several kinds of coctails, including Concrete, Red Moon. Produced eight million litres of Becherovka each year.

It is easy to get from Prague to Karlovy Vary. There are departures more or less every half hour with FlixBus and RegioJet.

Both companies have departures from the Prague bus station Florenc, RegioJets bus stop also in Prague’s Vaclav Havel airport.

the Trip costs about 150 Czech crowns (approx. $ 45) and takes less than two hours. Check out the companies ‘ websites for a suitable departure: