An improvised collection of being around the house made in just five days will allow the association of activists in the form of El Lokal bookshop to get the ownership of the basements where they have lived all their lives and remain in the Raval. In reality, this story is an unsweetened, Old Town-toned version of the movie Que bonito que és vieur.

Iñaki García, historical visible head of this establishment, of this entity which in truth brings together a hundred very hardened residents, did not see it very clearly, nor did he imagine that in the end it would be so simple. Like James Stewart and George Bailey. “The owner of the premises did not want to renew the contract – relates García -, but we could exercise the right of trial and withdrawal, but the amount was considerable…”.

The Lokal is basically dedicated to selling books, records, T-shirts and other very alternative paraphernalia, and also to leaving electrical generators, kitchen equipment and other tools to anyone who may need them…, and also tends to get involved in neighborhood struggles in the Raval, which are not few and which never find an end point (speculation, narcopisos, dirt…). So El Lokal has many more friends than García himself imagined. “In the end, around 500 people got involved in just five days, and with what a cooperative lent us we already have the minimum… I have no words. This week we sign!” And if all goes well, then they will refurbish the place, which is badly needed.