When the 6-year-old Owen Colley from Hingham, Massachusetts for a couple of weeks ago and found out, that through several months have gutted the massive forest fires in Australia, he was upset.

He asked his mother get paid to write Colley, if there were any animals that had come to harm. She answered honestly yes.

It was Owen Colley to quietly go into his room, where he drew a kangaroo, a koala and a dingo in the rain. He told his mother that the image was to imagine his greatest wish for Australia.

It writes CNN.

It was the first time, Owen wanted something other than Lego or other for himself. We asked if he had the desire to help, and together we had an idea. We could make some koalas in the clay and to give them in return for donations from friends and families, tell get paid to write Colley.

Owen went straight to work to make a whole lot of little koalas in the clay. Koalaerne he will send to anyone who donates 50 dollars or more to the fires in Australia.

Completely against his, and get paid to write Colleys expectation exceeded his collection quickly the first 1000 dollars, they had set as a goal. On Tuesday of this week reached the collection 20.0000 dollars – equivalent to 134.000 dkk. Therefore, they decided to create the on GoFundMe where donations now have exceeded 200,000 dollars. It is equivalent to more than 1.3 million Danish kroner.

– I will have that they (people, ed.) need to know more about Australia, and I want to know something about the animals in Australia, says Owen Colley to CNN.

The 6-year-old boy himself has a connection to Australia because his father, Simon, has grown up in the vicinity of Sydney. When Owen Colley was little, he lived a few months in Australia with his mother and father.

– He is very proud of the fact that he has lived there. I don’t think he can remember anything away, but he is proud of it, says get paid to write Colley.

Owen Colley is happy to do small things in clay, so the solution to making small koalas for donations suited him really well, says his mother. He spends 3-4 minutes on each figure, and according to himself is the head, the funniest part to shape.