The Valencian authorities are asking for citizen collaboration to locate the owners of a pit bull that was found abandoned on the CV-41 highway, near Llosa de Ranes (Valencia). The dog, which lacked an identification chip, was saved after receiving the care of a veterinarian and a shelter.

The animal was in terrible conditions. He was lying on a shoulder and with obvious signs of malnutrition. Subsequent tests confirmed that he was suffering from anemia. A driver found her, who handed her over to the Xativa Local Police.

“It was a time when it was gradually getting dark and there was a danger of her being run over. We found that she lacked a chip. We notified the shelter and then a veterinarian, who cured her with drips. Luckily, she survived. “sources close to the body explain to the newspaper Levante.

As reported by the Xàtiva Local Police in a publication on X (formerly Twitter), they are now asking for “citizen collaboration to locate the owner of this dog.”

“We want to see if anyone can give us a little information about what happened, we want to know where this dog came from because she was very bad,” they continue in statements to this medium.

The owner may face several penalties. The first, due to lack of identification microchip. Another, due to possible abandonment and animal abuse, given the extreme thinness that the dog was when they found her.

While the investigation continues, this pit bull is slowly recovering, although she has also received good news in a short time. She has been adopted by a new family, an opportunity to receive decent treatment.