Having sharp knives is essential so that your cooking skills are not impaired, as well as for safety reasons. The risk of suffering a cut increases the less sharp the knife is. This is because if the tool is well sharpened, the cut will be more precise and you will not have to exert as much force, which could lead to an accidental cut.

To sharpen knives, you can use the services of a professional or do it at home. For this, there are different types of sharpeners on the market, but it often happens that we find a knife with a worn edge and we do not have a sharpener at hand. The truth is that you can sharpen your knives quickly, easily and effectively, using an element that we all have in the kitchen.

You need to sharpen a knife, but you don’t have a sharpener. No problem, because what you probably have in the kitchen is a cup. And as surprising as it may seem, this is enough.

Sabina Banzo shares on her Instagram profile (with 505 thousand followers) a video where she shows the trick to sharpen the knife with a cup. You just need to turn the cup over – which must be ceramic – and run both sides of the edge of the knife along the bottom edge of the cup. This way, the rougher ceramic found in this piece will sharpen the knife.

In addition to reducing the risk of suffering a cut, having well-sharpened knives will help you make cuts more precise, faster and uniform. This way, you will save time and effort in the kitchen. In addition to sharpening knives regularly, it is good to know how to keep them in good condition for longer.