Taking a dip doesn’t convince everyone. First, because of the temperature of the water. Second, because minimal swimming knowledge is needed if we are going to dive very deep. Some simply don’t like bathing. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about furry animals or people.

However, the little ones need a push to see if they love the sea or the pool. And there are times when that moment comes when we least expect it, as happened to a golden retriever puppy named Fleeta.

According to a video posted on Instagram, the furry girl waits leaning on the steps of the pool. His human friend is placed inside him, to encourage him to swim.

She thinks about it a lot. She screws up, checks the water temperature, but she can’t make up her mind. In the end, she takes the plunge and slowly advances. “I have swum more than the Atlantic,” the authors of the publication joke.

The tender moment has generated dozens of comments on this social network. “After the first one, the rest is just a headache,” warns one user, who claims that now her dog spends the day in there. “Now no one will get him out of there,” says another. “How beautiful and what courage she showed,” others add.