Some fruits are quite complicated to open, and by doing it incorrectly you can lose a significant amount of both juice and the food itself. For this reason, tricks proliferate on social networks to ensure that this type of food does not spoil.

Mango is one of the most fashionable tropical fruits in Spain. It has few calories and is a source of fiber, as well as antioxidant properties, and helps reduce blood sugar levels.

However, it has the same problem that avocado has, for example. In the middle they have a kind of stone that means that they cannot be consumed as they would be with other types of fruits.

To help split it, tiktoker @directopaladar has imitated a way of splitting the mango that he saw in another video. The technique consists of making two cuts in the fruit in half, and then rotating it on its own axis, thus separating the stone from the cleanest part.

Despite a failure at first, in which he squeezes the handle too hard and it spoils, a second attempt does show that the trick works, which helps keep most of the fruit clean.

However, many people in the comments section do not agree too much with this technique, since it is considered that too much juice is lost and that the part that remains with the bone cannot be used.