The first months of our dog’s life are unforgettable. During those weeks, we observe how the furry friend discovers the world, develops physically, as well as socializes with other people and animals. We also see how he learns basic commands and we enjoy the fun moments he stars at home. 

Those in love at this stage even prefer that they do not have birthdays with the idea that they will always be puppies and require your help to develop their activity. Other times the furry one is the one who refuses to leave the protection of his owner. 

That seems to be the case with Herschel, a friendly chocolate brown Labrador who just turned one year old. However, shortly before his birthday he still allowed himself to be cradled with a pacifier in his mouth by his owner, as can be seen in an Instagram video. 

The furry dog ​​rests peacefully in the arms of his human friend, who rocks him very gently, so gently that the animal is about to fall asleep. The Labrador’s pacifier also lacks detail, with the popular Mickey Mouse printed on it. 

The owner recognizes that it is not a very normal scene: “We can’t believe that this guy will turn one year old in a couple of days. Time flies”. And she recognizes that it is not a picture that invites optimism: “Throwback Thursday.” 

The video has generated dozens of reactions among users of this social network. “Is this normal?” says one. “I’ve never seen a dog use a pacifier, but I guess it’s the first time for everything,” says another, surprised. “It’s too big for the pacifier, but they are always babies,” others conclude.