The claim that in the year 2050 chocolate could become extinct is not new. This is indicated by multiple scientific studies that, unfortunately due to climate change and problems such as deforestation, have put an expiration date on many of the foods that we consume today with absolute normality. 

Hence, researchers have decided to also get their act together to find solutions and “try” to save them. For example, a group of scientists from the ETH Zurich, in Switzerland, has just achieved a new, much more sustainable and responsible chocolate recipe.

The new variety, which could soon reach supermarkets, has been presented in an article published in the journal Nature Food.  This is a new type of chocolate made from the gelatin of the cocoa fruit. 

That is, if what is normally used to make this food are cocoa beans mixed with a little of the pulp; In the case of the new product, more pulp and the inner lining of the shell, known as the endocarp, are included. 

This is mixed to make what they have called “cocoa jelly”, a product so extremely sweet that it is able to replace powdered sugar in most chocolate recipes, making the new food nutritionally much healthier. . 

It would also contain, as explained by researchers at the ETH Zurich, who had to carry out many trial and error tests to find the appropriate concentrations, 20% more fiber and 30% less saturated fat when compared to dark chocolate. average European. 

The new formula, which contains exactly 20% cocoa gelatin, tastes similar to the latter, according to the research panel of experts who underwent a blind tasting. 

The arrival of this new variety of chocolate is considered great news for small farmers who belong to this industry, which continues to increase its prices without rewarding its producers well; since in addition to the cocoa beans they could also begin to sell the blame game and the endocarp ground and turned into powder. 

Although not all that glitters is gold, since to increase their income, they must also invest in specialized machinery. Could a new lobby be generated to take charge of this new business?