A video of a tourist showing her experience in a Tokyo restaurant has caused a stir on social media. The young woman, staying in a neighborhood in the Japanese capital, decided to visit a nearby restaurant with a perfect 5-star rating on Google. 

However, when he arrived, he got an unexpected surprise: the menu did not show the prices of the dishes. In the video, which has gone viral with more than 3 million likes, the tourist describes how each client in the restaurant has a private chef who exclusively prepares the food they request.

The woman’s initial surprise turned into a mix of disbelief and nervousness when she realized that she didn’t know if the dishes she was ordering cost $20 or $200 out of pocket. The aspect that most caught the attention of viewers was the tourist’s reaction to the uncertainty of prices.

In her story, she mentions how, as a millennial, she feels uncomfortable asking directly about the cost of the dishes, a situation that many users on social networks identified with. 

Its clear and concise message, “as a millennial, it’s hard to ask,” resonated widely, highlighting a cultural and generational aspect in the way we handle uncomfortable situations.

Although it does not reveal the total cost of the meal, the tension and suspense maintained throughout the video captured the attention of millions of viewers, many of whom commented that asking about the price would have resolved the uncertainty from the beginning.

This tourist’s experience has not only entertained millions of people, but has also sparked a global conversation about etiquette and expectations in the world of fine dining. 

The main lesson from his story is clear: sometimes the simplest, most direct solution, like asking about price, can avoid a lot of uncertainty and anxiety.