In its fourth edition, the Catalan humor festival Salat will provide a selection of comedians, with a high content of salt, to season a weekend full of activities (performances in the street, round tables…). After last year’s success, 12,000 tickets sold, this new edition promises to exceed expectations with a gourmet selection of humor and entertainment.

From comedians like Angel Martín, Facu Díaz or Miguel Maldonado with his street show, ¡Finally Together!, to the quartet composed of Silvia Abril, Ana Morgade, David Cepo and J.J. Vaquero with his show Dangerous Minds, Orphan, this time, by Eva Hache.

The Porta Ferrada festival extends its hand to humor and guarantees sarcasm, once again, in a proposal originally led by Andreu Buenafuente. Once called Singlot, Salat is an extension of the great Sant Feliu de Guíxols festival, which in its previous edition hosted the Argentine comedy group The Luthiers. A humorous-musical proposal that broke attendance records. This edition expects no less.

One of the highlights of this edition is Dangerous Minds. This is a selection of comedians from the National Comedy School: sharp minds, pizpiretas, creative and, as they warn, also dangerous. In this assortment of criminally witty voices, Ana Morgade, Silvia Abril, David Cepo and JJ Vaquero stand out.

The event is a declaration of love for laughter, satire and wit offered by a wide range of artists, veterans and emerging talents, such as Julen Axpe, Andreu Casanova or Charlie Pee, and proposes to embrace all styles and genres of humor in one of the main humor festivals in the country. Tickets go on sale starting Thursday, February 8 at 0:00 in the morning, on the festival’s official website.