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One of the books that some already place among the most complete works on those small bites that are part of the gastronomic idiosyncrasy of Euskadi has just been published in English. The author of The book of pintxos is called Marti Kilpatrick and she is an American journalist and chef.

His book Basque Country: A Culinary Journey Through Food Lover’s Paradise, published in 2018, was already a success and ended up also being published in Spanish. Iker Morán writes about this exhaustive work on pintxos that has been prefaced by Juan Mari and Elena Arzak and that shows the immersion of the author, almost five years installed in San Sebastián, in that universe of miniature cuisine.

– Honeys. Light in color, almost transparent, dark, velvety, liquid… in stores we can find honey of very different origins, aspects and flavors or even properties. In this report, Laura Conde consults various experts to help us distinguish between monofloral or multifloral, as well as between that range of tones, densities and tastes. And she tells us the secrets of the team leader inside a hive: the queen bee.

– Jo Baixas. The chef and owner of the restaurant Follia (Sant Joan Despí), stars in the new episode of the Stay to eat podcast. Baixas tells how he discovered his passion for cooking, explains the problems that his extreme shyness has caused him since he was a child; He gives his opinion about the beauty of the spaces, about his creative spirit or how difficult it has been for him to accept that his daughter, also a cook, decided to start a business on his behalf.

– Flowers and herbs. Flower cooking has been gaining ground in restaurants but not so much in homes, where ignorance about its possible uses and benefits is still common. Judit Guerrero talks with Yolanda Bustos, known as the flower cook, who gives us some clues.

– Miramar. We visited Paco Pérez’s Miramar restaurant, where the chef continues exploring a marine pantry that he enriches with misos prepared in-house, with garums or with the work of maturing some fish. They have also just opened A mà, a new bakery where through a window to the neighborhood they sell breads, briocherie but also those misos, chocolates or jams that they prepare.

– Mussels with sauce. Ana Casanova teaches us how to prepare a simple recipe for steamed open mussels in which the sauce, similar to a romesco, made from hazelnuts, garlic, tomato and egg, is crucial. They serve as an appetizer or as a perfect starter.