A new festival that generates experiences for all audiences spreads new summer aromas throughout the Maresme, in harmony with the nature of the privileged coastal enclave. The Santvi Fest will be held on the first four days of August in one of the idyllic enclaves of Sant Vicenç de Montalt, the Germans Gabrielistes park. A new initiative promoted by the town’s City Council and the Barcelona promoter The Project that, according to the organizers, “was born as a bid to create a journey of sensations” taking advantage of the attractive spaces of the venue, with different musical proposals, gastronomy, fashion, art and creation.

Joan Roselló, CEO of The Project, assured that Santvi Fest is an “ambitious festival” whose experiences differentiate it from other summer events, designed for the enjoyment of all age groups. Javier Sandoval, mayor of Sant Vicenç de Montalt, thanked the different sponsors for their support so that “a town project becomes a reality” as has already been achieved, he said, with “the Fiesta Mayor concerts on the beach, with the free performances from Hotel Cochambre and Els Catarres.”

On August 1, at 6 p.m., the Santvi Fest will begin, which will have a Village Experience space, whose entrance fee will be five euros and if the concert ticket is added, it will rise to 20 or 25 euros. The four-day pass costs 15 euros.

The new festival, with capacity for 1,800 people, 1,300 of which for the concerts, will debut with three female figures from the Catalan scene, with an explosion of urban sounds from emerging figures such as Julieta, Juls and DJ Trapella. One of the big nights will be Els Amics de les Arts on August 2 and Mon DJ will close the night with a selection of dance songs.

The poster also presents one of the incombustible heroes for August 3, such as Rafa Sánchez, from the legendary band La Unión, an aesthetic and musical reference of the 80s. The night will end with the also legendary DJ Raúl Orellana from Studio 54 with disco music rhythms. The last day, August 4, comes with Coldday the tribute to recover the best moments of the British band Coldplay that took the top positions on the music charts at the end of the 90s. DJ Robert de Palma will round out the party.

Aside from the stage, the Santvi Fest is designed to live an enriching experience in the Village set up for the occasion. A space that will come to life every day from 6 p.m. and where you can enjoy a wide variety of activities and leisure for all audiences, with culinary proposals with the flavors of the world.

The organizers define it as the “festival of the senses” with the smell of the native pine forest, the touch with activities for the little ones and the natural textures and the taste “with the best full trucks in the region” without forgetting the unparalleled view that the Gabrielistas Park offers with an unparalleled panoramic view of the Maresme coast. A festival that initially sets a growth objective for the coming seasons and is compared to “the older brother of the northern Maresme”, the Mar d’Estiu festival that will be held in Santa Susanna and Pineda de Mar between August 3 and 18. .