Many of us think that gay men suffer a lot from discrimination and because of how late the situation is for them (although there have already been some important advances), it must be really hard being gay. But once you pass all this veil of discrimination and rudeness, the truth is that being homosexual has many qualities and benefits that most heteros want to join the wagon and enjoy these numerous benefits.

So if you are reading this and you are heterosexual, you can either die of jealous or simply switch camp. And if you are a homosexual person who has not been fully accepted, our message to you is that “You are a joke!”

In this article are some unique benefits homosexual (gay) enjoy. So let’s ride on.

Benefits of Being Gay

#1: They can understand women a little more in many situations

This is one quality many men will be jealous of you for. Most men out there find it pretty difficult to understand women – and this can be very necessary sometimes. Most homosexuals find it super-easy to understand women better by being surrounded by them while having that feminine side a bit more developed. This is an interesting benefit every man will love to enjoy.

#2: They are a magnet to have beautiful friends

We do not understand for sure what is happening here. It may be the confidence that women feel with them, or it may be that they are simply friendlier. But gay men are almost always surrounded by friends (and most of them are beautiful).

#3: You will enjoy a sex life that is much simpler

By nature, men are much simpler in sex, so gay male couples do not suffer much when having sex. You can enjoy all forms of sexual practices – from gay bareback to fisting – there is just a lot to enjoy with zero complications. The two want, the two do. No issues!

#4: You are unique

We know that we live in a world with different opinions, and not everyone is able to accept that we have different people. You have the advantage that you have a different life from many people (we know it sounds like a stereotype, but it is like that), so you are an interesting and unique person by definition. Seize it.

#5: It is a good filter for friendships

Don’t they want to be your friends because of your sexual orientation? Perfect. Now, you have one less hypocrite in your life.

#6: You are honest with yourself

Many heterosexual people cannot be honest with themselves or much less with the people around them. Gay people face a life “outside the closet” that forces them to be honest with something so personal and intimate.

#7: Personal growth

You have already been through very difficult things, what is the worst thing that can happen to you? Homosexual people learn and mature very quickly because of the rejection that could happen. While not everyone is mature (we are human after all), there are many who have an advantage in growth as a person.

#8: Nothing of Venus versus Mars

It is clear to us that women and men are very different. The truth is that it is very simple to understand how they think and what other men want. That makes the job of getting a partner super-easier.

#9: You are much more understandable

Being a homosexual man can often be difficult. When it comes to growing and accepting it, we suffer discrimination. This makes us more understandable with other people’s problems.

Now you can see that there are many benefits locked up in being gay than just the discrimination. So if you are still considering joining the band, you had better make up your mind quickly.