Maruja Alfaro, the great historical figure of Mallorcan theater and Ramon Llull Prize winner in 2001, died this Friday at the age of 93 in Palma (Mallorca). Born in Barcelona on September 8, 1930, she began her artistic life with the company of Marcos Redondo, performing zarzuelas such as Katiuska or La Dolorosa.

“She was a woman of theatre,” the Teatre del Mar remembers her, a board of which she was a member since 1993. “Her memory will remain alive on the stage where she showed her talent,” they add. And in February of the previous year, Alfaro received the highest distinction granted by the entity, the silver needle, for his career and its support.

The well-known performer was part of the Cercle d’Obrers Catòlics theater group and the Company Majorica and Illa d’Or. In turn, he collaborated with several theater groups such as Xesc Forteza, Anselm Turmeda, Iguana Teatro even, in some productions of the Teatre Principal. In addition, she was co-founder of the companies Agrupació Bellver and Grup Assitència Palmesana. In 1982, together with her husband the producer Antoni Zanoguera, she founded the Zanoguera-Alfaro Company.

Set within the traditional theater, it represented works by Joan Mas, Maurici Gallardo and Andreu Amer. Between zarzuelas and plays, his career has been recognized with several awards such as the Ramon Llull Award from the Balearic Government in 2001, the honorary Professional Trajectory of the Association of Actors and Actresses of the Balearic Islands (AAAPIB) in 2006 and Jaume II, awarded by the Council of Mallorca (2007).