Goya, Saturnalia, the comic with a script by Manuel Gutiérrez and drawing by Manuel Romero published by Cascaborra Ediciones, wins the award for Best National Work of 2022 from the Association of Comic Critics and Disseminators of Spain (ACDCómic). The jury has highlighted “the solidity and novelty in his approach to the work and thought of an author as fascinating as he is complex, Francisco de Goya, during his time at the Quinta del Sordo”

For his part, Manuel Romero, proclaimed himself the winner with the award for best emerging author and makes history, since it is the first time that the award in this category falls to an author who is also co-responsible for the best national work. The cartoonist has been recognized for “his maturity, very remarkable in a debutant in long-form work, as well as the versatility of his drawing and color, with which he manages to capture the spirit of the Aragonese painter.”

“In my first professional job I only hoped to do things well, with a certain dignity and without offending the figure of the master Goya. Everything that is coming is beyond me”, Moreno admits to the press.

Gutiérrez, for his part, does not hide his astonishment either and recalls that “the growth of this comic among readers has been purely organic. The publishing house from which it starts is tiny, it has not had any marketing campaign behind it to support its promotion and we as authors are two strangers”.

Both authors agree on the historical importance of the figure of Goya and on the privilege of remembering him and capturing him in his work. “At first it seemed audacity on my part but I showed respect and skill and I am happy with the result,” concludes Moreno.

ACDCómic is a non-profit association that brings together people who carry out journalism, criticism, study, curating and other theoretical and informative activities related to comics.