Each dog is a world. There are furry dogs that love to socialize with others, even with other animals like cats. They bond with whoever comes their way, including their owner or any human friend they meet. However, there are others who are somewhat more introverted and do not show much desire to communicate with anyone. 

After many attempts, the owners simply accept his personality. And one of them decided to do a curious experiment: reunite his schnauzer with other dogs with the same character. 

According to a video published on TikTok, the furry dog ​​goes to a park with his human friend. There he finds a large group of dogs who don’t really want to socialize either. Each one remains attached to its owner, they are even seen sitting. 

The owner admits to being very surprised by the attitude not only of his schnauzer, but of the rest of the animals. None of them move and they don’t even make the attempt to sniff each other or play. “This is what happens when you bring your lonely dog ​​together with others,” summarize the authors of the publication. 

The video has generated dozens of reactions among users of this social network. Most are surprised by the “surreal scene.” “We could have done this by email,” one jokes. “They just need an extrovert. Then, the party begins,” says another. And some add: “Their humans are the same.”