Coffee is a food that we should not give to our dog under any circumstances. According to the American Kennel Club, caffeine, which can be a source of energy for us, is not recommended for dogs. This is because they are especially sensitive to this substance.

Caffeine could become a ticking time bomb for the dog, speeding up its heart rate. This has been demonstrated by Lilo, a border collie who decided to ingest no less than fifteen coffee capsules. The video speaks for itself.

Once the caffeine begins to take effect, Lilo begins to run around the living room of her home at full speed. Such was her caffeine level that the dog couldn’t fall asleep until 20 hours had passed.

The video, which already has countless views, has sparked a wave of comments from Internet users. “A Border Collie with caffeine, I can’t imagine anything with more energy than that ????” says one user, while another states: “it becomes…. ✨TERRENEITOOOOORRRR✨”.

Although it is a fun video, the truth is that it is necessary to ensure that our furry dogs do not ingest this substance, since a large amount of caffeine could cause seizures, coma and even the death of the dog.