The Pink Panther has long since surpassed fiction. Brands soon took advantage of the popularity of this cartoon to print its image on sweatshirts, stuffed animals, mugs, sheets, T-shirts, notebooks, bags and pencil cases. All of these products had a common denominator: their iconic pink color. 

For the nostalgic, there are also the cream-filled sponge cakes with pink icing that Bimbo sold. However, for some users it doesn’t matter. 

That is the case of a young man who has shared a Pink Panther cheesecake recipe through his TikTok account, irresistible for enthusiasts of this dessert and followers of this emblematic drawing. 

As explained in a video, we will need the following ingredients: biscuit, mascarpone, Philadelphia cheese, whipping cream, sugar, eggs and a package of pink panther biscuits. 

The first thing is to mix the cheeses. Next add the eggs and sugar. Everything, she explains, is mixed well with a whisk. Finally, add the whipping cream and the Pink Panther cakes and blend everything well. In another container, chop the cookie and pour the filling. Baked and then left to cool.   

Users of this social network are incredulous at such a recipe and many assure that they will be encouraged to make it. “You create a lot of needs,” says one. “How good it must be,” continues another. “I have to do it no matter what,” many say.