The foods we eat during our childhood mark us. These products take us back to a place or remind us of those special times that do not appear in our memory. Some people even know the words and remember the melody of the song that promoted them.

But the years pass for everyone, also for those products we adored during our childhood. The result: a different packaging and a totally different shape than the one we knew, much to our chagrin.

That’s what happened to a young woman who was shopping at the supermarket and got an unpleasant surprise. When she got to the cookies and candy area, she realized that Fontaneda’s Lulu biscuits had changed shape.

As shown in a TikTok video, there is no longer a bear on the packaging. “How come they are no longer bears?” this girl asks. Now, no animals are seen. The shape of the cake has also changed and is elongated.

Upon seeing it, the young woman could not stop sharing her disappointment with the brand. “My childhood to hell,” she says in her publication. And she too can’t hide her sad face.