Dogs are excellent life companions, accompanying us in both good and difficult times. In addition to providing help in various tasks, such as serving as a guide for people with visual disabilities.

That is why April 24 marks International Guide Dog Day, with the purpose of recognizing the noble work of guide dogs in improving the mobility and independence of people with visual disabilities. Coinciding with this special date, Picart, a dog and cat food company that promotes the well-being of pets, shares with us the most notable roles of our faithful friend.

This list highlights not only the intense collaboration and camaraderie that people and furry animals have maintained throughout 15,000 years of coexistence. It also seeks to recognize the contribution of dogs to society by virtue of their innate characteristics, such as loyalty, learning capacity, protection instinct, communication skills or a formidable sense of smell.

“When we study dogs and their nutritional needs, we never cease to be surprised by the extraordinary potential that furry dogs can develop by working as a team with us. When we are in charge of a working dog, it is essential to adapt its diet to high physical activity. The solution is not to increase the amount of food, but to choose options that provide the necessary calories and energy,” says Xavi Bará, technical director of Picart.

It is proven, then, that life is better with a dog. Selfless but 100% dedicated for a little love, how can you not love them? Happy day to all those dogs!