With spring comes the best time for terraces and also a simple and affordable pleasure: a lively chat, an intense reading or simply observing the comings and goings of the street are the perfect pairing for a good coffee. In Barcelona we are lucky because specialty coffee is experiencing a great moment and in almost every neighborhood we can find coffee shops where they treat the precious Coffea arabica beans with care and professionalism. Many of them have a terrace so you can enjoy the sun’s rays and the best aromas of an espresso, a coffee with milk and, when the heat hits, a refreshing cold brew.

On the border between El Fort Pienc and El Poblenou, the Three Marks cafeteria (with its own roaster in El Fòrum) occupies a spacious and bright corner with its terrace where you can comfortably settle down.

The colorful terrace of the Roast Club café, with its cream and scarlet striped parasols, is a small oasis on the busy Esquerra de l’Eixample. Expert baristas make their own roasted coffee and an extensive menu of sandwiches and dishes for breakfast, lunch or a snack.

Arranged on a wooden structure in front of the cafeteria, the terrace of Bar Bailèn serves both the MOB coworking in which it is embedded and any coffee lover eager to enjoy their fix in the pleasant shade of the oriental plane trees.

If the farm concept had been lost in Barcelona it would have been a shame. Has brunching saved farms? The controversy is served accompanied by a good coffee (and perhaps, a cinnamon roll) on the terrace of the now historic Granja Petit Bo.

Perhaps it is the smallest terrace in Barcelona, ​​with a single table on the peaceful threshold of this cocktail bar that defines itself as “a small Parisian-style cafe” and that opens early to offer coffee that has been roasted in the same neighborhood of Barcelona. Gràcia at Slow Mov (attention to its addictive Espresso Martini, a trendy cocktail that shines even more with a rich coffee).

Calle de la Verge looks like a charming cul-de-sac but it is not if you go on foot: ending in a staircase and a narrow arch, in its center, in front of the Lata Peinada bookstore (specializing in Latin American literature) emanates the delicious notes of freshly brewed coffee. For those who take their passion to another level, a few steps away, the Les Topettes perfumery has different perfumes with the notes of coffee among their accords.

Specialty coffee has easily climbed the hills of Barcelona. In the Horta neighborhood, since 2019, Jacaranda has been preparing the best coffees in the district, Peruvian empanadas and bikinis that are worth the 20-minute subway ride.

Hidden is no longer a hidden secret: its roaster in Poblenou and its cafes in Les Corts, El Born and Girona demonstrate its good work in both roasting and service. But it is in a quiet street behind Diagonal where you can have a coffee on its comfortable terrace.

The roasters that have made history with specialty coffee in our country, NOMAD COFFEE, have recently opened a terrace in front of their Frutas Selectas, where you can eat and drink coffee, serving as a grocery store and now also as a solarium.