At 22 years old, Eilish expands a maturity that runs parallel to her artistic milestones, such as having a bunch of Grammys or two Oscars for best song thanks to James Bond and Barbie, and having a brief recording career that still awakens more What a justified expectation, as is the case with this their third studio album. A work of which he had not advanced any theme, made as usual in close complicity with his brother Finneas O’Connell, and where they have managed to find an outstanding balance between a variety of sounds and instrumentations and a theme and lyrics that They serve to show the vital and professional moment in which you are.

And this with the indispensable protagonist of an intimate voice that serves as a mortar, flexible and intense, that adapts to the intentionality of each of the ten cuts, which purify both maturity and romanticism and, also, the desire to try new sounds. This is a constant from the dazzling start with Skinny, a naked confession to voice and guitar with strings, and which Blue closes with lyrical drama and again with violins. But in between there is a lot and diversity, like an addictive and avowedly queer Lunch; an intimate Chihiro with a notable electronic tone; the poppy and clearly commercial Birds of a Feather, the marriage of cadence and synth-pop, autotune included, in L’amour de ma vie… In short, different steps in that self-confessed process of finding herself. Without fear and with art.

Laudable effort to imbue their new songs with freshness and energy. Producer Kid Harpoon (Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus) will have something to do with some songs that also offer a commendable variety of rhythms and that work especially when they are simpler and highlight emotionality: Ballerina radio, Mustang or Rainbow ball.

The Barcelonan offers a musical selection of personal and sentimental taste, preserving as always coherence in substance and forms. Surrounded by a trio with a certain jazzy taste, she visits “logical” pieces (Alfonsina and the sea, I remember you Amanda), sings in Italian (Amoremio), visits Brazil (Eu sei que vou te amar) and reaches the top with Lucía de Serrat

One of the undisputed kings of national hip-hop says he is retiring and he does so with the best album of his career, according to him. To do so, he surrounds himself with numerous current colleagues and friends, such as Peke, Ergo, Easy-S, Maikel Delacalle or 808 Blanco, but curiously not with his brother Shotta. The result exudes outstanding rap, mordacity, intelligence and sincerity in abundance.