One of those small everyday moments that make you most excited is when you wear new shoes. After having thought about what combination of clothes they will look best with, you just have to go out and show them off and enjoy them. Or at least, that would be the idyllic scenario. Since this moment of pleasure can easily be marred by the appearance of annoying chafing on the feet. Those that end up forming a blister or that can even directly cause a painful wound, when that blister breaks and the skin underneath is exposed, making walking difficult.

Chafing is caused by the friction that occurs between the continuous rubbing of the skin and the footwear. It often happens when you wear new shoes for the first time, because the materials are usually very rigid. But it can also happen due to other reasons, such as not choosing the right shoe size, a bad sock, or due to long walks. However, when the chafing is already there, there is no choice but to cure it and follow a series of tips.

When dealing with a chafed foot, it is important to know a series of aspects that must be taken into consideration when healing these wounds.