The unexpected romance between Carlo Costanzia and Alejandra Rubio completely revolutionized the news of the social chronicle of our country. Mar Flores’ son and Terelu Campos’ daughter were photographed in a shopping center in the capital giving each other a passionate kiss. Since then, the actor and the collaborator have been getting to know each other away from the media spotlight.

But even though both of them avoided speaking out about their romance at all costs, certain testimonies from people around them put their courtship in the spotlight. Something that Jeimy, the actor’s ex-partner, did, who did not hesitate to sit on the TardeAR set to tell what her relationship with Mar Flores’ son had been like.

However, it seems that Jeimy has managed to turn the page on his stormy romance with Costanzia. And according to what they said this Thursday exclusively on Ana Rosa Quintana’s program, Carlo Costanzia’s ex-partner had found love again with another famous face from our country.

As journalist Leticia Requejo revealed, Jeimy had forgotten Mar Flores’ son because he was meeting Yulen Pereira, Anabel Pantoja’s ex-boyfriend. ”It’s a budding relationship, they’ve known each other for a couple of weeks or a month and a half. And this nonsense begins on social networks,” the collaborator reported.

According to Leticia Requejo, both the Spanish fencer and Jeimy began to like each other through Instagram and, as a result of those interactions, they started the first conversation. ”They are living a life of coming and going together, as a couple, each one in his house, but Carlo Costanzia already knows this story,” the journalist stressed. ”They live in Vallecas and they have already been seen together, and we don’t know if there will be photos,” said journalist Miguel Ángel Nicolás.

The last time Carlo Costanzia’s ex-girlfriend appeared on television was on March 7 when she revealed in great detail the last fight she had had with the actor. “He showed up at my house, called me, told me he was downstairs and we started arguing, I was upstairs and he was downstairs (…) He was out of his mind, they were shouting very ugly things at me and my family.” ‘, said Jeimy.