Dani Martínez did his thing again in the latest Martínez y Hermanos program, a space that has become a benchmark for entertainment in Mediaset. With guests like María Escoté, Xuso Jones and Boris Izaguirre, the program promised and delivered with quality entertainment and lots of laughs.

In the middle of the usual game to break the ice, in which they had to tell an embarrassing anecdote, Xuso Jones shared an unusual experience with Enrique Iglesias, which caught everyone’s attention. “He was at an event and I am a lifelong fan of Enrique. I approached him and said: Can I take a photo with you? And he told me: With you, no way,” said the influencer.

This unseemly response had an explanation. The Murcian explained that he discovered that his old record company had influenced Iglesias’ response: “My old record company, the one that gave me carte blanche, had told him… They had colluded so that he would answer me like that.”

To this day he still has not been able to decipher whether Julio Iglesias’ son’s response was a joke or was completely true. However, he is clear that the singer did mean it in that sense: “It was a random moment that to this day I think was true.”