After the exciting conclusion of Óscar and Moisés in ‘Pasapalabra’, where Óscar completed El Rosco taking home a historic jackpot of 1,816,000 euros, the program is preparing to receive new contestants who will seek to fill the void left by these two great competitors.

Inma García, from the orange team, a woman from Malaga with a heart from Extremadura and Madrid, joins the game along with Juan Avellaneda and Beatriz Luengo: “I am delighted to be here.” In addition, Inma García collects “Yodas”, the mythical character from ‘Star Wars’: “I have it in all sizes”, and she showed one that she brought to the program as an amulet.

Meanwhile, Manuel Pascual, representing the blue team, arrives on set from Madrid with his degree in psychology and a passion for collecting maps of places he has visited, accompanied by Laura Pamplona and Javier Hernanz.

The new jackpot amounts to 100,000 euros, a tempting figure that will surely motivate newcomers to give their best in each challenge.