Óscar Díaz, the recent winner of the last Pasapalabra jackpot, is the successor of Rafa Castaño, who made history on March 16, 2023 by winning a jackpot of 2,272,000 euros, a historical record in the program. The Sevillian journalist not only set a record in Pasapalabra for the amount of the pot, but also solved the Rosco in one go, without even giving his opponent, Orestes Barbero, the opportunity to try.

Rafa stated that his priorities after winning the million-dollar jackpot were to “live in peace” and “recover anonymity.” Part of the money she used to put down a down payment on an apartment in Seville, her hometown, and another to help her family. Later he also allocated money to a “very conservative” investment fund, she said, one of those that “give you little interest, but you are very sure of receiving the benefit.”

He also invested part of his earnings from Pasapalabra in one of his greatest hobbies: reading. Specifically in the Caótica bookstore, in the center of Seville, of which he became a partner after being a customer for years. However, this bet did not end well because the bookstore closed its doors at the end of last year.

In recent months, Rafa Castaño has also taken a turn in his professional career, becoming interested in data analysis and has completed up to eight courses since December 2023. On the other hand, Rafa has also recovered his passion for journalism and is currently writing a weekly opinion column for El Diario de Sevilla entitled “The world of yesterday”.

Rafa also stated that one of his priorities was to “recover anonymity.” Goal away from whoever was his rival in Pasapalabra, Orestes Barbero. The contestant from Burgos has preferred to remain linked to television contests and is currently participating in ‘El Cazador’ on RTVE’s La 1.