After many years of struggle and heartbreaking moments, Víctor Sandoval can boast of having re-emerged like a phoenix in his professional career. The Catalan is one of the eight protagonists of Sálvese qué puede, Netflix’s bet for the Sálvame universe, and he is triumphing like never before.

However, the collaborator has suffered a hard blow on a personal level, since his “other half”, his dog Nou, has died after eleven years at the presenter’s side. A painful moment in which Sandoval recognizes that he finds no consolation, since his “engine stopped dead” the day of his death, last Thursday the 16th.

“Since the 16th, Nou has been my new angel,” announces the collaborator of Sálvese donde puede. “I didn’t have the strength to tell you, my engine stopped dead,” he confesses, heartbroken. However, he finds the strength to thank everyone who has sent him their love and support at this critical time.

“Thanks to those who have cushioned my grief, Nou was not my dog, he was my other half,” he insists, very excited, before sending a message to Nou himself: “Wait for me in heaven and protect me until we are reunited. I love you Nou.”

Anyone who knows the collaborator or has seen any of his interviews knows that, for him, his pets are the most important thing in his life. Above all, since the complicated separation from her husband, Nacho Polo, where the affection of her animals helped him move forward with her life when she thought everything was lost.

The news has filled his official Instagram profile with hundreds of messages from friends, colleagues and followers who give him their condolences and show him all their love, such as Alba Carrillo, Núria Marín, Omar Suárez, Belén Esteban or Alaska, a close friend of the collaborator. , which even dedicated a publication to the beloved dog.

“Víctor Sandoval has also lost his Nou this week. Just these days I wanted to upload something congratulating him for his participation in Sálvese Quien Pueda on Netflix, but life imposes its own rules. I send you all my love, mom too,” he wrote the singer in her personal account.

“How hard the duel is,” the collaborator responded, before confessing that he loves her, both her and the singer’s mother, América Jova.

María Patiño, friend and colleague of the presenter, was very emotional when she found out that her friend had lost Nou, who was like a son to him. So much so that she couldn’t help but break down live while presenting Socialité and had to report the sad news. The Galician recently lost one of her famous chinchillas, Camila; and the pain was especially intense.

“I only know, because I have lived it, that Nou could not have had a better father, so take heart, he is resting now,” said María, before announcing that the dog was suffering from some health problems. “Lately, the little dog, due to circumstances, was suffering. A huge kiss. I love you very much.”