New day and new delivery of First Dates. In today’s program Elsa Anka and Carlos Sobera received Jesús and Carmen at the love restaurant. He is a 65-year-old man, a miner and retiree. He is passionate about opera, since he gave him a lot of relaxation. He considers that he has not had luck in love because they have disappointed him a lot. He wants a formal travel companion. ” I am demanding because they have made me demanding, I am sick of words ”, he confessed.

Carmen is from Ávila and is 59 years old. She has been living alone for almost twenty years and that has caused her to have many hobbies in her coexistence. ”I haven’t lived with someone since the Twin Towers,” she declared. The first impression of Jesus has been very good, however Carmen has not had the same feeling. ”He hasn’t convinced me, I don’t see him for me,” she said.

The date began with Jesús calling Carmen ‘my girl’, because he defines himself as very affectionate. “On the first date they call you my girl, I don’t know, I’m not convinced,” the single woman confessed. The two told each other that they have been alone for a while and have already lost count. ”You’re very nice and for the little time we’ve been talking very nice,” the bachelor told her. ”Compliments bore me so much, there are things that attract my attention more than compliments,” he declared.

Jesús told him that he has been retired since 2014 and that it has been very hard work. For her part, Carmen confessed that she is unemployed and is taking it quite badly. Regarding her hobbies, Carmen said that she loves nature and traveling. Jesús explained that he has never left Spain. ”I see him duller than me,” said Carmen. Another of the things in which they do not coincide is in the opera. Carmen was forceful saying that she did not like her.

Jesús is a great fan of cooking and walks. ”He has a rather poor social life I would say,” she stated. The bachelor kept insisting that he is very comfortable with her. ”You’re very pretty,” Jesus told her. Carmen herself confessed that she doesn’t like the distance from her. He for her part told him that it was not so much. “There are no distances, distance is the least of it,” Jesus recounted. In addition, the bachelor proposed to continue getting to know each other and at some point he would go to live with her. ”I prefer to be alone,” Carmen declared.

In the final decision, Jesus asked her if she liked it, to which Carmen answered no. After these words the tension was palpable in the environment and the bachelor gave a sharp response to not wanting to have another date. ”Why not, because there is a long distance, because there are excuses,” he said. “Now I radically say no to everything,” answered Jesús. “That’s good, he has made it very clear to me, very comfortable because it hasn’t been since I entered,” she said.

Carmen didn’t want another date either because she thinks they haven’t fit in. Jesus explained to him that he had been very clear. “You are not so clear because before you were going to say yes,” the single woman confessed. “How am I going to say yes after everything I’ve heard,” said the bachelor.