Halftime, with its days that begin with biting cold and culminate in sunny afternoons, challenges even the most prepared wardrobe. This new climate reality makes the daily choice of what to wear more complex, with a wardrobe that can hold both thick coats and light t-shirts. The trick is knowing how to select and combine clothes that not only respond to changes in temperature, but also reflect a personal and contemporary style.

It seems that the most common solution is to dress in layers, which means, in addition to being a nuisance, giving up style to be more practical. However, the layering method is essential to adapt to the thermal fluctuations of the day. It is advisable to leave out heavier winter clothing and opt for light layers that can be added or removed as necessary.

Mid-season classics, such as denim jackets and leather jackets, are always a safe bet. But you can go one step further and opt for an element as essential in the mid-season wardrobe as the trench coat. A good raincoat can adjust to temperatures of 12 to 25 degrees Celsius. For those on tight budgets, looking for vintage options can be a great alternative.

It is crucial to stay away from dark or thick tights. Instead, you can use options such as fishnet tights or, for the more daring, give them up completely on warmer days. This adaptation is not only practical, but also allows you to play with seasonal fashion.

A large bag is essential for facing long days away from home. They are perfect for carrying everything from a change of shoes to extra layers, allowing for quick adaptation to any climatic or social changes that may arise.

Belts are great allies to define the waist on broader silhouettes. In addition, it is the ideal time to try and experiment with different styles and lengths of skirts and pants, adapting them to what is most flattering and comfortable.

Adapting to halftime does not mean giving up style. By following these tips, anyone can face such radical weather changes with confidence and elegance, maintaining a fresh and appropriate look for the season. Incorporating versatile pieces like trench coats or jackets and using layers that can be easily added or removed will allow you to be prepared for any weather, while staying on the cutting edge of fashion.