Rafa Castaño has become the most popular man of the moment. A regular on Pasapalabra, both in his previous stage on Telecinco and in the current one on Antena 3, where since June 1 he was trying to get the donut after beating Pelayo Dañobeitia in the Blue Chair test and joined the team of said color. This Thursday we finally saw him achieve what many dream of: winning the Pasapalabra millionaire jackpot. But what do we know about his life and hobbies?

Born in Seville in 1990, Rafa Castaño is the youngest of two brothers. His parents, both retired, have worked as civilian personnel at an air base and as a first class teacher, respectively. A public school, institute and university student, as he has demonstrated on more than one occasion, he has a degree in Journalism and a Master’s in Communication and Culture.

His passion for literature led him to work in the past and currently be a member of Caótica, a popular bookstore located in the center of Seville. The Sevillian contestant’s other hobbies are travel, video games, music (as he has shown on the program several times), and soccer, being a great fan of Real Betis. In addition, he speaks several languages ​​and his favorite television series is ‘The wire’. Very discreet with his private life, he has not revealed if he has a partner since he has never wanted to enter this field.

Rafa’s relationship with television contests is not new. She debuted 13 years ago now on Canal Sur in a contest titled ‘Guess who is who’. Subsequently, the Sevillian managed to accumulate more than one hundred participations in the long-lived ‘Know and win’ of La 2 to finally reach ‘Pasapalabra’, where he even came to face his own brother.

In 2015 he appeared for the first time in Pasapalabra and in 2017, he came to pocket more than 60,000 euros after appearing in 61 editions of the space. This was one of the most successful stages of the journalist in his time in this contest. He entered the contest again in 2019.

Three different stages in which he coincided with many adversaries, including Orestes Barbero, with whom he already had the opportunity then to compete to get the ‘boat’ in the ‘Rosco’. However, the closure of the broadcasts caused by the courts meant that Telecinco could not continue with Pasapalabra, which prevented viewers from following the fight between two of the most iconic participants in the history of the contest. The return of the format to Antena 3 was a new opportunity to revive their ‘rivalry’, although both admitted that they remained in contact after his disappearance on Telecinco.

With a more restrained and prudent character, Rafa once explained that he would use the hypothetical money from the ‘boat’, which is now a reality. He stated that he would like to “do something crazy crazy in this world, which is doing things not to earn money, but for pleasure.” “That money – continued the Andalusian contestant – would allow you to lie down to read, learn languages ​​or study careers without worrying.” Winning the Pasapalabra jackpot, he added, “greatly reduces your chances of a heart attack and heart disease” because he, in that situation, “would live very calmly.”