The biopic is fashionable on television. Veneno, Cristo y Rey, Bosé and, shortly, Camilo Superstar, which will vindicate the figure of Camilo Sesto, the author of Living like this is dying of love who died in 2019 at the age of 72. But, anyone who thinks that this is the umpteenth series with the intention of telling the artist’s entire life is wrong. As the trailer shows, the Atresplayer series will focus on his time in the 70s: when he had it in his mind to bring the musical Jesus Christ Superstar to Spain, a Catholic country where a sector of society was not yet ready to see Judas and Jesus to the rhythm of rock music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Alejandro Jato, who was recently seen in All the Times We Fall in Love, steps into the shoes of 26-year-old Camilo Sesto when he is already a relevant figure in the music scene after having published the album Algo Más. But he, an idealist, decides to produce Jesus Christ Superstar considering that it is a public cultural service, that his duty is to bring a work as extraordinary as that, even if it could make him a target of conservative society and destroy him precisely when he is starting his career. .

“An odyssey full of setbacks, some fortuitous, but many of them caused by the current situation itself. Overcoming censorship, the black hand of its representative, the threats and sabotage of ultra-Catholic movements willing to do anything to prevent its premiere, will be interspersed with the difficulties inherent in a production of this magnitude,” indicates the synopsis, which anticipates that it will feature with “other idealists who, like him, felt the impulse to take risks and bring to this country the most revolutionary rock opera of the moment.”

Regarding the other relevant characters, Pepe Ocio is Manolo Sánchez, who leads Camilo’s career; Javier Godino is Jaime Azpilicueta, director of Jesus Christ Superstar; Vito Sanz is Nacho Artime, the visionary who bought the rights to the work before anyone else; Adrián Lastra is Teddy Bautista, who plays Judas on stage; Natalia Reyes is Ángela Carrasco, who has chemistry with Camilo both on and off stage; Eugenia Silva is Lucía Bosé, who was the protagonist’s lover; and finally Elena Rivera is Paloma San Basilio, whom they tried to convince to accept the role of Mary Magdalene.

The series, which arrives on November 19 on Atresplayer, will only have four episodes, written by Tatiana Rodríguez, who already worked with Atresmedia when adapting The Cook of Castamar for television.