It may sound like science fiction, but it’s not. “It is pure science, it is technology, it is research at the service of our skin care, because in the end what Shiseido has achieved with this formula is to modify the size of hyaluronic acid through two serums that are complementary, work in synergy, the one does not work without the other. From a scientific point of view, this is totally revolutionary and a breakthrough for cosmetics.” This is how dermatologist Ana Molina describes the innovation represented by Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Skin Filler serums, a firm that has won several IFSCC awards.

Inspired by the procedures used by dermatologists in consultation, a multidisciplinary team of experts has managed to develop Molecushift technology, a complete revolution that allows the molecular dimensions of hyaluronic acid to be modified without fragmenting it.

Until very recently, and due to its high molecular weight, hyaluronic acid was unable to penetrate the deepest layers of our epidermis. Thanks to the innovative Molecushift technology, the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid molecule has been compacted so that it can penetrate the skin. A scientific milestone that makes Shiseido’s latest launch the perfect ally to combat aging in an unprecedented formula with immediate hydration, firmness and other anti-aging benefits.

Shiseido’s research has been based on the power of electrostatic forces to control the size of hyaluronic acid, the star ingredient when it comes to hydration, echoing the law of ionic charges. In fact, these fundamental laws of physics state that opposite charges attract each other, while identical forces repel each other. The modulation of electrostatic forces was the driving idea behind the pioneering MolecuShift technology.

“Hyaluronic acid is one of the star ingredients when it comes to skin hydration. In the end, it has two main advantages and that is that, on the one hand, it is a molecule that we all have in our skin, which makes it much safer and more tolerable, and that, on the other hand, it is a molecule capable of multiplying its size exponentially. through the uptake of water, which allows us to greatly improve the volume and hydration of the skin”, explains Dr. Ana Molina in reference to these two Shiseido beauty allies. This firm has spent decades investing many resources in research for the development of new technologies applicable to cosmetics.

The first Bio-Performance Skin Filler serum, the INFILL SERUM-NIGHT should be applied before going to sleep on clean skin and before the usual night treatment. While we sleep, the compacted high molecular weight hyaluronic acid will penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis.

When we wake up, all we have to do is give our skin a dose of the FULL EXPANSION SERUM DAY, which allows the compacted hyaluronic acid to redeploy so that it quickly recovers its original size and its moisturizing and volumizing properties in the heart of the epidermis.

Shiseido has also included other ingredients of natural origin in these revolutionary serums, perfect for taking charge of daily care against the signs of aging, with effective results from the first application. Among the catalysts for this revitalizing effect of natural origin we find antioxidants such as red clover flower extract, with regenerative properties; cinnamon, which favors the blood flow essential for the supply of nutrients to the skin; and chai hu, a very common root in traditional Chinese medicine, which reinforces the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

The tests carried out by the brand on this new release among 110 women had optimal results. 91% felt that the skin had recharged its volume and that it was juicier and plumper. 82% highlighted that their expression lines were less visible and 80% wanted to emphasize that their deep wrinkles were more imperceptible. All this, with just one application. This would explain why this indissoluble high-performance couple sold out in a few hours on the day it was released.

As usual in the products of the prestigious Shiseido firm, each Skin Filler Bio-Performance serum has been designed with a sustainable refill plunger system specifically designed to reduce plastic waste. Likewise, the refills are made with 20% materials of vegetable origin and allow a 74% reduction in the plastic used.