The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia clarifies that viewers who watch football through pirated applications through IPTV services will not be prosecuted. A clarification that comes after the justice system opened the door to the League so that it could denounce everyone who watches the games irregularly.

The TSJC has clarified the misunderstanding generated by an order from the Barcelona Commercial Court and has made it clear that the League will only be able to claim the data of those who share their content illegally. That is, all those who buy football legitimately, but then redistribute it illegally through unauthorized online platforms.

Therefore, unlike what it seemed a few days ago, the League will not be able to claim the data of users who pirate football from home. However, Javier Tebas does not see it this way and insists that the order of the Barcelona Commercial Court legitimizes him to act against end users.

Lawyer Pere Simon already explained on RAC1 that this information had been misinterpreted and reassured viewers watching pirate football because “it cannot be prosecuted because it is a minor crime.”