The most romantic space on the small screen closed its doors for another week. On Friday night, Carlos Sobera and Laura Boado once again welcomed a new batch of diners ready to find the person of their dreams, the one with whom they can share their hobbies and connect immediately. However, not all people who go to First Dates achieve their goal.

Two of the stars of the night were Andrea and Jaime. The 58-year-old single woman from Zaragoza arrived at the restaurant with a lot of energy and confessed to being a very open person. ”An aunt told me that she was going to end up living in a hippie commune,” she commented, laughing. She considered herself a very natural and fun person. One of her great passions was animals: ”I have dogs, cats and a chicken.”

However, the single woman left the presenter speechless when she revealed that she had a transsexual cock. ”She was a chicken in a rooster’s body. She didn’t sing, she didn’t ride the chickens and she behaved just like them,’ she explained. She wanted to meet a person who caught her eye, was fun and had similar tastes.

His date was Jaime, a 50-year-old from Zaragoza who loved music. ”I will be a DJ until I die, for music there is no age,” he commented. He considered himself an open and friendly person. As soon as they met, the singles were pleasantly surprised to discover that they were from the same area. ”She is very nice and friendly,” the bachelor emphasized.

Moments later, the presenter accompanied the couple to their table, where they began the evening talking about their eating habits. ”I don’t usually eat meat, only chicken and ham,” she said. ”I am a professional ham cutter,” confessed the bachelor. ”That’s an art,” she replied.

Later, the bachelor discovered that Andrea was a great animal lover. ”Maybe we have to find a place in her house to sit, it must be a zoo,” Jaime joked. For his part, the bachelor revealed that he had several jobs. ”I am a salesman and a DJ. I work in discos and at town parties,’ he said. ”Click on the mobile disco, that’s like another level of party,” the single woman commented with a laugh.

At one point during the dinner, the singles were catching up on their love history. Jaime said that he was divorced and that he had an 8-year-old child. On the other hand, Andrea was surprising by saying that her daughter was 33 years old and that she already had two grandchildren. ”You’re a granny,” he joked. ”She’s got you with grandma, what bad luck,” she responded with a laugh.

In the last part of the date, the singles moved to the program’s booth, where Andrea continued to show off her originality and charisma. And the single woman brought out her colors on her date with an unexpected joke: ”Say, ”close your eyes and let your partner kiss you on the clam.” Andrea’s phrase caused both of them to burst into laughter, but the bachelor couldn’t help but throw a dart: ”This is where you go to Madrid.” In the final decision, the people of Zaragoza confessed how much fun they had had and remained friends.